Brisbane Threads

Brisbane Threads was an important part of the Scrunch process. I have been working on Brisbane Threads for about 3 years already which is how I secured the internship at Scrunch, to begin with however I had no idea that I would be working on it so much during Scrunch hours.

As Dani was the owner of Brisbane Threads she always makes one of the tasks for her Srcunh interns to be working on the blog as she believes it’s important for people to know the other side to agency work, writing for a blog and dealing with PR agencies and attending events.

The article that I wrote and was published under Scrunch intern time was about the upcoming Brisbane Festival. The Tivoli who is one of the main host venues for the festival had paid BT to write an article about the best events on,, drawing attention to all the shows that The Tivoli were hosting. Using research and picking out all the key information the article was written and submitted to editor Emmy, who published it at the following link: Brisbane Festival

Social Posts
One of the best parts about Brisbane Threads is the blog perks that come with being a food influencer. I attended a few breakfasts under Brisbane Threads with Teagan who was is Scrunch’s senior account manager, took the social photos and either posted or scheduled them to Instagram. Considering each photo was from an event they didn’t take long to take as they were all food related however creating and posting a comment did take up to 10 minutes, including finding the correct social tags for the event. Taking the photos for Brisbane threads takes a certain skill as they all need to be taken but still to the same professional quality in a fast matter. Food comes and goes, and also only stays fresh/hot for a certain amount of time which indicates why taking the photos are so fast passed. A sample few of the social posts I did are below:



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